IMM International Migration Museum

We are the International Migration Musuem -

and you too!

The idea of our museum is:

it is not a static institution limited by the walls of a building.

Along with the character of migration, we are moving, discover and live

- conscious in all the other aspects-

migration in a positive way.

Nidda Park Frankfurt

built for the people with low income.

100 years ago. That's what can be called sustainably. No new idea!

But urgently needed today!

The IMM, a Museum in Migration

arriving in the street close to the park on the Internatioan Museums Day 2022

We want to meet you!!!

In your part of town.

Example:  Frankfurt 2022

Wir sind das International Migration Museum,   IMM.

Wir kommen zu Euch. In

eure Straße, euren Park

We want to meet you!

We want to meet you!

We want to hear your ideas!

We want to talk with you!

We want to dance together!

We want to listen to you!

We want to find out: what's home for you?

We want to have input from every visitor!

starting with the Frankfurt Cabins  2021

We want to hear your strory. That's your history!

Find new places!

And come together 

New Options!

To build up a new home!

and find new models

Let's eat and chat 

and actualize old and

basic ideas of mankind.